Chicken Coop Plan Big and Cheap

Having a backyard or front yard chicken coop is a blessing; you get the chance of raising some chicken and roosters. And you get freshly hatched eggs from the chicken. These eggs, for the most parts, are healthier than what you buy from the market. They are also more nutritious and tastier as well. It’s really appeasing to have great eggs from the chickens that you own.

Sometimes you don’t have the fortune to spend on buying a great structure of chicken coop, in this case the best solution is to make one on your own. It would take some manpower ,skills and items to construct a stylish coop for 4-6 chickens (or more, you may need more wooden sheets, pallets, and lumbers). If you have never built a coop before, try making a small coop first to get your hands in the practice of working with the screws, drills, and wooden. 

Chicken Coop Plan Big and Cheap

How to Make Chicken Coop Plan

You may need one wood sheet for making the back and front of the coop. The sides, the roof as well as the floor may require another full sheet. In total you’d need four plywood sheets for this DIY chicken coop project.


  1. 3 plywood sheets of any thickness. The thicker the better. Buy ⅜” for making the walls of the coop.
  2. For making the roof and the floor of the chicken coop you will need ⅝” .
  3. Moreover you need 4 sheets of 2×4’ at 6’ and 8’ long. The former length would be used for making the legs and the latter ones would be used for making the horizontal structure. 
  4. Additionally, you’d need screws, nails and some drywall screws ideally of 1.5”
  5. Screws for the floor would be 2×4’s.
  6. Any paint color would work, buy one from the discounted store. 
  7. Use any roof, tin roof or pallet roof.
  8. To secure the coop door one or two hinges
  9. A wooden saw/hand saw to cut the wood
  10. Screwdrivers as you would be using the screws to attach the walls
  11. Hammer for nails
  12.  Wood glue

You can use an electric saw, wood cutter and trimmer to make your job easy. The screwdriver is required for getting the job done. The important part of the job is to cut the plywood in the right dimensions for making the walls, roof, and the floor of the chicken coop.  You have to be precise as you cut the plywood, you’d need precision cut everywhere because a bit of mistake would cause the plywood to be unfit for the place.

Make your measurements between two scales, ⅛” and ¼” as you maneuver the cut.  The plywood wall cutting would be easy as they would go to the sides straight. Make them tall or small whatever you wish for the design to be. 

Cutting the Panels

The side panels are cut at one angle only, the hide side is approximately 4’6” and the low side is 3’6”.

Use a new sheet for cutting the back as well as front of the coop.  The dimensions for front would be 4′ x 3′ 6″ and the dimensions for the back would be 4′ x 4 6″

Use the rest of the sheet for making the bottom. The corner of the bottom can be cut for the 2×4’s. 

With the rest of the plywood sheet, make a nice roof for the roof.  Cut the size in proportion to the sides and overall design of the chicken coop.

Building the chicken coop back

You need to screw and glue two sheets of 6’ of 2×4’s for making the back for the coop.  Line the edges with the sheet and the plywood. The top of the plywood should be measured and cut a bit higher than the tops of the 2×4’ sheet.

Use some plywood to support the structure from different angles. 

Making the front of the coop

Cut two 6’ 2×4 sheets to the measurement of 5’1”. Now line up the board and top them up with the plywood just like you did for making the back of the chicken coop. Now use glue and screws to add some support to the structure. 

Attaching the parts

Attach and prop the front and back with some help from the friend. The same has to be done with all the parts of the sides of the coops that you built. Line the edges of the plywood with the 2×4’s.

The coop door

Decide for the size of the door that fits into the place. Of course you’d need a door to enter the coop whenever it is dirty

Measure the dimension of the door and make the space for the hinges on it. You need to add hinges or bolt whatever you are comfortable putting on your door. Once the hinges have been attached, cut the door and your job is done.

Coop Roof:

For making the roof of the coop, you need to put two sheets of 2×4 side by side , glue them and screw them together. 

Making the floor

The floor of the coop should be done by gluing and screwing the sheet to the space. On the floor you can add a door that slides so you can take the chickens out.


In the end you need to paint the chicken coop. Paint it in any color pink, green, yellow or any color that you believe will work well with the color of the backyard. Paint all parts of the coop from sides to tops, roof and the back.

You need to add some leg support to the coop to level it above the ground a little month. Use some lights and build a fence around it. Make sure to include the nesting boxes inside as chickens would need it the most.