How to Crochet For Beginners


This is a simple guide on how to crochet the yarn easily. You don’t need a lot of stuff to do so, all you need is a colored fat yarn and one N Crochet hook. In this article you will learn how to do crochet easily, there is nothing complicated to understand or follow. All you have to do is understand the instructions on DIY crocheting, these steps are also for beginners who have never done any sorts of embroidery work before.

How to Crochet For Beginners

How to Crochet For Beginners Guide

Make a Knot

We all know how to make a simple slip knot. Just put the yarn down on a table or flat surface for lopping it. Keep the tail on the top over the top of the long yard. Now flip the tail over the longer yarn. 

Grab the middle yard between your fingers to pull the loop secured tightly in the place. The loop should be tight but not overtightened.

Loop on the N Crochet Hook

This step is fairly easy, pick up the loop in your right or left hand and slide it over the hook slowly. Make sure to adjust the loop to tighten it around the hook, as you still need to crochet, make sure that the loop is not full tight or you will have hard time working through it. Hold the hook on the right hand and do crochet patterns with your left hand if you are right-handed.

Holding the thread

First twist the yarn or thread over your pinky and twist it around your index finger. You will have to work with the middle side of the yarn by holding the hook in the right hand. Working on the crochet hook with the right would allow you to put the desired tension over the thread. You also need to create some balance between the thread and fingers to crochet a nice pattern, a handkerchief or a pillow cover. 

Start making the chair

The procedure of starting off the crochet chain is easier than you could ever imagine. The thread you twisted around your index finger needs to be worked on through the hook. Twist the hook under the thread a little bit and pull it through the loop that you have created earlier. 

Making another loop

Whenever you pull the thread through the loop, try not to make it tight as you need to continue making a loop for making the chain. 

Loops inside loop

Once you have created two loops, now hold the yarn in your left hand with the hook and start pulling it through the first loop. Now you have two more loops on the hook. Now take the yarn again and pull it through these both loops. Repeat the process until you reach the end of the chain. You can crochet as many rows as you desire, for that chain one stitch at the end of your row and turn the crochet to the other side to make another row. 

Finish the crochet

Once you are done crocheting, you need to cut the long side of the yarn to finish your artwork. You can crochet sweaters, tapestries, wall art and table covers by using the same method. It’s really fun to make something with your home for your home decoration, isn’t it? I have seen people crocheting butterflies, wall hangers and even mail organizers for their homes, however, to do all of these artworks you have to be a bit of a pro. So keep practicing to get there.

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