How to Make a Cake in Minecraft


Food is an essential element for your survival in Minecraft. Most of the basic food is quite easy to obtain or cook. However, a delight such as the cake might require you to do some planning and work. You also need to have a functional farm for all the materials required.

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

Required Ingredients

  • 3 Wheat
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Milk
  • 2 Sugars

Here’s how to craft a cake in Minecraft:

  • The first step is to move close to your crafting table and open the 3×3 crafting grid.  
  • Now once the crafting grid is in front of you, you need to add the necessary ingredients to get the cake. Place the 2 sugar, 3 wheat, 3 milk and 1 egg in the crafting grid.
  • Just like every other item in Minecraft, it’s important to place the items just like we say to, since getting the wrong pattern will either give you nothing or a wrong item. The first row should be filled with 3 milk and the last row should be filled with 3 wheat. Once that’s done, fill the middle row in this order: sugar, egg, sugar.
  • The cake will appear in the box to the right of the crafting grid. Drag the cake to your inventory and you are done!