How to Make a Composter in Minecraft


Since the popularity of Minecraft is increasing, the difficulty level of crafting its products is also stretching. Similar to all major products, a composter is one of the most essential elements in a Minecraft inventory. It is used especially for converting compostable things into bone meal. It is useful at many points, so you must know how to make one.

How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

Follow these steps and you’ll know the perfect and the simplest way of creating a composter.

Step 1

Initially, for creating any item, you have to switch to the crafting table having crafting grid of 3×3 dimensions.

Step 2 

Now that you’ve opened the crafting menu. You have to start adding items that are crucial for making a composter. You only have to add 7 wooden planks on the grid. Remember, you have to place those items only in the 3×3 crafting grid. 

Step 3

The planks should placed in an order so that in the first row, only first and third grid is filled leaving the middle. Similar action will be performed in the second row. However, in third row all the grids should be filled with planks. 

Step 4

After that you’ve placed all the planks in a correct order, you’ll get a hooper in the result box, which you can place in your inventory.