How to make a Pink Chicken Coop


This DIY chicken coop will help you make a nice house for two chickens, it is good for any size of the birds that you have. However, there would be room for only two birds. 

This DIY chicken coop plan is for building a nice box and enclosure for two chickens. You can call it a 2 chicken coop plan as well as it can easily accommodate two large sized birds in any part of the property.

Pink Chicken Coop

How to Make Pink Chicken Coop

You will need the following items to make it hammer, drop saw, drill, jig saw, and some nails.

  • Built the basic structure of the chicken coop. The part hanging on the side is attached using the two screws with the main coop structure. 
  • Make the external cladding using the wooden pallets. Fill in the gaps as well wherever needed.
  • Make some windows on the chicken coop for fresh air, ventilation, light and breeze.
  • Cover the roof with the rafter by attaching it with the nail plates.
  • Line the roof with the plastic bags to make the coop waterproof
  • Line the roof with wooden pallets or cedar shingles whatever is available.
  • Make doors for the nesting boxes and add a sliding bolt to keep it closed for protecting the chickens from predators during day time.
  • Add the canopy over the window to keep the rain away from the structure inside. 
  • Paint the coop in pink color or any color that you love personally. Your chicken coop for two birds is ready for use.