How to Make Face Mask


COVID-19 pandemic is not entirely over. Every day news channels break details of some cases. Although the number of infected cases have been reduced, one must try to stay on the safe side. If you don’t like to wear common masks, buy some printed fabric and design your own mask at home.

Things You’ll need

You need to buy 100 percent cotton fabric. No matter what design and style of a mask you want to grab, it’s fabric shouldn’t be stretchy or velvety. Cotton is recommended by experts for face masks as it can repel water droplets and keep you safe from an infected person. I’m going to tell you how to make double-layer masks. The purpose of creating two layers is to offer ultimate safety. Another reason to go with cotton is that it offers comfort and can easily wash it at home.

How to Make DIY Face Mask
How to Make Face Mask

Two different designs of fabric, get one printed and another plain design for aesthetic reasons. You must have 8″ x 12″ fabric outer and inner layers of a fabric.

  • 3 inches of soft wire
  • Elastic cord standard size
  • Safety pin
  • sewing machine
  • mask template ( you can download it online)
  • Make sure you wash all the fabrics, so they pre-shrink. If you don’t wash them, your mask size will become smaller later.

How to Make DIY Face Mask

Here are some steps you need to follow.

  • It would help if you got a double-layer mask pattern. Download its printed version online.
  • Print it out and cut two Outer and two inner layers. You can use a white pencil to draw the pattern from the template to fabric. Draw with pencil on the wrong side and then use scissors and cut it out.
  • The best thing about a template is that it will tell you how to sew both layers. You need to use a pencil and draw a dotted line on the outer layer and do the same with the inner one.
  • It’s time to fold the fabric as per the template and start sewing.
  • First sew center curves of the outer layer on the right sides.
  • Sew curves of inner layer, right sides together.
  • You need to clip the curved seam at an almost half-inch interval.
  • Fold the straight side of your lining fabric on its wrong side and sew the fold.
  • On your outer layer, you need to fold the upper and lower corner in the form of a triangle and then fold the raw edge over the top and bottom triangle. If you don’t get an exact angle, you can iron this fabric to get clear folds. stitch them with 1/8 inch intervals on each side.
  • As your inner and outer layers are almost done, the next step is to create a sleeve for the elastic band. For this purpose you will move the wrong side up, fold it in the angle and stitch its outer layer.
  • Use a plier and fold sharp ends of a safety pin and then move it inside the curved angle of your mask.
  • Pass an elastic band through this sleeve and tie it. That’s it you have successfully created a DIY face mask.


This learning of mask will be quite helpful. You would be able to create a matching outfit mask and look stylish while saving yourself from any hazard.