How to Make Pinata (EASY DIY)


Every mother wants to make his kid’s birthday super special. Nothing is more exciting for a kid than to smash a colorful Pinata and start collecting candy scatter with his friends. Now you can give him this amazing memory. Let’s find out how to make a colorful Pinata.

How to Make Pinata

Things You’ll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Punching Balloon (big size)
  • Tacky glue
  • Fine crepe paper, you will make 2-inch and 1.5 strips with them.
  • 7-8 sheets of thick cardstock
  • flour, water, a container 
  • masking tape
  • knife
  • Thick rope 
  • Twine
  • Scissors 

How to Make Pinata Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all you need to blow a big balloon and tie its knot. Apply a piece of tape over the protruding section.
  2. In the second step, you will make a paste. Make a mixture of 3 cups of flour with 3 cups of water in a container. It would help if you had this paste to bind the newspaper over the balloon, ensure that your paste is thick enough to offer perfect binding.
  3. Use rope and hang the balloon, so you can quickly fix newspaper strips onto it. Suspend it from your fan or ceiling for completing this task in a comfortable manner.
  4. Make thin strips of newspaper, soak them in this paper mache paste, remove excess mixture and start placing them onto the balloon. Add at least three layers of newspaper strips. Let one layer dry and then apply two others. Let this ball dry overnight.
  5. Make cones with sheets of a cardstock. You can buy ready-made mache cones or create your own, it’s up to you. Make cones and secure their edges with tape.
  6. Make a hole in this balloon to deflate it. Make a circle around the hold and cut it with scissors. It would help if you cut it but not all the way around, let it attached to the balloon. From this hole, remove the balloon and paste left inside.
  7. Pierce a small hole in the opposite end of the opening, use a utility knife to do this. Move thick rope across both opening and holes and tie the knot.
  8. Fill your Pinata with some mouth-watering candies. Close this hole with its cover and use tape to reinforce this area.
  9. You need to cut almost 1/4 inch tabs into the cone bottom and fold them inside. Apply glue on these tabs and attach cones to the Pinata. Again use tape to reinforce your Pinata.
  10. Attach all other cones with Pinata in the same manner.
  11. Now it’s time to add colors onto Pinata. For this purpose, take 2 inch and 1.5 inch crepe paper strips. You need to fold these stips and cut 3/4 of them in a fringe style. Apply glue on the top of your paper fringe.
  12. Start decorating the base of the Pinata with fringe; while you are setting crepe paper, ensure that the fringe face is downwards. Wrap fringe strips around the balloon base area.  If the strip is longer, you can cut it to get a neat look. You will first wrap the balloon and then cones, don’t wrap paper all around both; it will offer a messy and unattractive look to your Pinata.
  13. You need to use 1.5 inch strips with different colors for cone coverage. Start wrapping strips around your cones.
  14. Apply glue and wrap fringe. Once your pinata base and cones are fully covered with fringe, it’s ready. You can hang it wherever you like.

Once the cake cutting ceremony is over, bring fun back into your party by asking kids to smash Pinata to collect their yummy candies. Don’t forget to record this whole activity, which will be an unforgettable memory of your life.