How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft


You may need smooth stone in mine craft for making various kinds of building structures and smooth stone slabs. They are also used for crafting blast furnaces in many places during the minecraft play. Although you get to see early building material cobble stones easily, however, through crafting you can turn them easily into building blocks as well.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft
Smooth Stone in Minecraft

In order to make smooth stone in minecraft you need to combine your coal with the cobblestones. You get these stones from all around the village in the game. Let’s have a look at the simple step by step guide on how to make smooth stones.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Stone
  2. Coal 
  3. Furnace 

Get Hands on CobbleStone

As mentioned above, cobble stones are the most common building material and sometimes you have to make these stones using the generator. You may have to use cobblestones for making the furnace. You may also need to refine the cobblestones into smooth stones.

Get Coal

Once you make the furnace, keep it up and running. Now find the coal by looking through the blocks with black specs. Not to mention you can find coal lying around everywhere during the game play.

Craft the furnace in mine craft

For making the furnace you need to use at least eight blocks of cobble stones, just leave the middle one empty. Crafting a furnace in minecraft is so easy!

Make Smooth Stones

After crafting the furnace, you need to put the coal into it. Pick it around the stones and normal cobblestones laying around in the village. In the top slot of the furnace you need to add all the cobblestones that you have not used. Add the coals you have collected on the bottom slot of the minecraft furnace. 

Once you add coal and stones in the right places,the fire will go ablaze and the flames start rising. During this reaction, the cobble stones would turn into smooth stones. 

Take the smooth stones out of the furnace and keep adding more coal if you wish to form more of the stones for the game.