How to Repair a Zipper


Do you want to know how to repair or fix a zipper without replacing it with a new one? Repairing a zipper is so easy when it stops working. The method would not take too much of the time. This tutorial on “How to repair a zipper” works only when it does not close together for some reason.

Almost all winter jackets, blazers, Shirts and some casual tops come with a zipper on the middle section. And it happens more often that you try to zip up the shirt or cloth but it does not close together, you probably think at this point that you may have to get a new zipper in the place of an old one so it could work back nicely. However, it’s not needed as you can always repair it yourself. 

How to Repair a Zipper

What you need?

You only need a pair of nice piliers to fix the zipper on your sleeping bags, clothes, shirts and jackets. Keep in mind that this method won’t work for plastic zippers as they cannot be repaired for lacking the iron teeth, so you’d be better off buying a new one and stitching it with the clothes.

First use the pair of pliers to remove the iron stopper, it is normally located at the top of the zipper. It is normally located on the same side of the shirt where the puller is.

Remove zipper puller as well. You may see that it is not in a good shape or is generally disoriented. This problem is so common with the iron zippers.

Fix the zipper pull by trying to fix the both sizes of the puller. It should be in the right shape to work again.

Put back the pull on the shirt.

Put the iron tooth as well using the plier.

Now try closing the zipper to see if it is working fine now.  Hurray! You have done it, you have fixed your zipper.

If you want to fix the zipper on your dress shirt without wanting to remove the zipper pull you can do it directly. Make sure not to mess the threads of the patterns when using pliers for fixing the zipper pull directly on the zip.

Credit to marcellahella