Make a Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens

This DIY coop plan is for making a house for as many as 14 chickens. You will love the design and the structure for its simplicity.

Build a Chicken Coop
Build a Chicken Coop

How to build a chicken coop For 12 to 14 Chickens

In this step by step guide of “how to build a chicken coop” you will learn how to make a nice nesting box along with the coop using the arched door, batten trim, and wooden board. This house is going to be a DIY coop plan for up to 12 to 14 chickens, featuring almost four nest boxes and a six inch run. 

  • First make the flooring frame by using 2X4s pressured board, attaching the joists with the 3” ring shank nails. 
  • Position the top and bottom plates to make the structure like walls of the chicken coop.
  • Secure the walls to the foundation
  • Add roosting nails to the structure 
  • Sheath the walls according to the plan
  • Make the nesting box with the plywood
  • Make entry door to the coop
  • Install hinges and gate latch onto it to secure it in the place
  • Build side panels to attach with the chicken coop
  • Construct the run for the coop in the end
  • Paint the coop and the run to finish the project off.