Make a Chicken Coop from Scratch

This article is about six chicken coop floor plan and it is for those who wish to make a house for 4 chickens or two roosters. The original plan states that it can house as many as 6 chickens of any size. Moreover, it features five nesting boxes for the chicken to hatch and lay eggs.

How to Make a Chicken Coop from Scratch

The water guard over the nesting box is built using the vapor barrier and caulking.

The overall dimensions of the chicken coops are 7’3’x 4’.8.5’, it is spacious enough as far as the floor width is concerned.

The roof is really simple with 6” overhang on the sides and only 8” overhang on the front as well as on the back side.

Moreover, the coop has insulation and drip edges. It is brimming with the features to allow the chicken to live comfortably inside the coop.

Furthermore, the design of this chicken coop also has additional accessories, such as a plugin to keep the supply of enough light for the chicken inside. The plugin is capable of keeping the coop convenient and warm with the water heater during the cold months of the winter.


Two different types of plywood thickness was used, the .75” plywood is used for building the exterior sides of the coop whereas .375” was used for making the coop interior.  The lid also comprises the same thickness of the plywood as the interior. The insulation is incorporated using the two inch Styrofoam over the lid of, making the entire chicken coop a strong yet warm structure for the chickens to live in.

You can use wooden lumbers, old pallets and plywood from the old or refurbished furniture. Whatever thickness of wooden is available, use it to make the chicken coop and paint it to give it any look. The coop can be enhanced with an elegant theme of cottage, chic or vintage style wood exterior paint. It’s all up to you as what you wish to do with the paint colors and what color you choose for the design.

When you plan the chicken coop windows, don’t make them too small or too large. Their width, depth and height should be in a proportionate measure with the coop structure. The windows must be vast enough to induce great ventilation, keeping the air circulation in and out of the coop.

Moreover chicken wire is used in the design of the ventilation chicken coop windows. You can open the wire up easily.

The hole has chicken wire too; it is fixed inside after drilling a hole in it. It will help keep the air circulating within the chicken coop. Doing so is an utmost necessity because chicken droppings are not healthy; they can cause serious health damage for being filled up with ammonia.

The skids are attached on the bottom to lift the chicken coop from the ground. The design uses 6 inches lag screws bolt to secure the skids in place from the top.