Make a Pallet Chicken Coop Design


Pallets are fairly cheaper than the wooden lumbers and boards, for as little as 20 dollars you can buy a big stack of pallets from the market. Use it to make the basic structure like chicken boxes and coops for the patios, garden and backyard.

How to Make Pallet Chicken Coop

If you eat more eggs in your breakfast you can have your own hens and keep them in the chicken coops so they can hatch eggs for you daily. Just go organic completely, there’s nothing more satisfying than having eggs from your own chickens.

How to Make Pallet Chicken Coop
Pallet Chicken Coop

This DIY pallet chicken coop is so simple to make you only need pallets to make the design.More so, you can get the pallet stacks for a fairly cheap price from any store where the furniture is sold.

  • For making this chicken coop you will need pallets measuring 40”x48”. You need a total of eight pallets in total , two 4×4 eight ft long and a few 2 by 4 along with a plywood sheet that’s waterproof. Three bundles of cedar shakes and chicken wire rolls, and a big roll of tar paper. 
  • Put some cinder blocks on the ground. It matters where you are building the coop, if you wish to make it on a leveled up ground, you need to balance the frame up a bit by supporting it with the cinder blocks underneath.
  • You will need to use two pallets for laying down the nesting box first. The floor is simple to make a 48×80 rectangular center sitting on the concrete block. Use one pallet to make one end. 
  • Make a single or double pitched roof depending on the chicken coop size. 
  • Make back by trimming the wooden pallets and attaching them in any shape. 
  • Add the roof beam to the cover the front. However, keep some space since you’ll need to open the pallet chicken coop for cleaning as well.
  • The center beam is built using the hanging doors.
  • After making the chicken coop structure, fill in the gaps using the wooden board.
  • Cut the entrance door from one side to make the entrance to the chicken nesting box.
  • Use cedar shakes outside once the chicken coop is completed.
  • Attach a protective fence around the chicken coop to protect it from the predator.
  • Add accessories like water, feed, and hay inside to make it comfy for the chickens.

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