NBA 2K21 – Idols: Series II VIP Players

NBA 2K21 MyTeam is an activity that features a multitude of cards. It also features collections of cards. Idols: Series II VIP is such a collection. It is a premium selection that is obtained from card packs that are bought from the game’s store.

The Idols: Series VIP collection includes six players. The highest-rated cards are Oscar Robertson and Danny Granger. Both cards have 96 OVR. ’71 Oscar Robertson has the point guard/shooting guard position with 92 outside scoring, 92 inside scoring, 88 defending, 92 athleticism, 95 playmaking, and 92 rebounding. ’08 Danny Granger is a small forward/shooting guard that comes with 93 outside scoring, 85 inside scoring, 81 defending, 88 athleticism, 81 playmaking, and 75 rebounding. Terrence Ross from the Toronto Raptors has 94 OVR. The position on this card is shooting guard/small forward and the attributes are 91 outside scoring, 83 inside scoring, 78 defending, 89 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 61 rebounding. Ty Lawson has 87 outside scoring, 80 inside scoring, 83 defending, 96 athleticism, 93 playmaking, and 45 rebounding. This player with 93 OVR and the point guard/shooting guard position is from the Denver Nuggets. ’92 Ralph Sampson is a center player. His OVR is 90 and his attributes are 73 outside scoring, 87 inside scoring, 81 defending, 70 athleticism, 45 playmaking, and 89 rebounding. His card depicts him in the Houston Rockets uniform. Tony Wroten from the Philadelphia 76ers has the point guard/shooting guard position. His OVR is 89 and the stats are 83 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 80 defending, 92 athleticism, 87 playmaking, and 68 rebounding.

The Idols: Series II collection debuted not long ago. For now, only one card from this pack was revealed. Anthony Davis is a 97 OVR center/power forward. The stats are 90 outside scoring, 92 inside scoring, 92 defending, 90 athleticism, 74 playmaking, and 94 rebounding. This collection will have five cards with an extra card as a completion reward. Don’t miss the chance to get a free Anthony Davis card pack by using the IDOLS-SERIES2-THE-BROW locker code. You can choose between an Anthony Davis pack, tokens, or gold consumables. If you are after more free cards, use the MyTeam-MLK-DAY-THANKS locker code. This code celebrates MLK Day by giving players a diamond consumables pack, 25 tokens, or 5,000 MTP. Redeem the codes fast because they are available for a limited time only! The good news is that locker codes drop on a weekly basis so you can always acquire free items. And you know you can always buy NBA 2K21 MT coins at MTStacks with best price.