How to Make Paper Snowflakes


Christmas is approaching fast, and it’s the right time to go festive and think about your home’s decoration theme. An integral element of the holiday season is pointed snowflakes. You can purchase paper snowflakes in the market. However, people who love Christmas like to opt for the DIY approach, so they opt for a DIY approach. If that’s the matter with you too, it’s time to know how to make 6-pointed paper snowflakes. Although many people make eight or seven-pointed snowflakes, it always unlocks snowflakes with a 6-pointed angle when you check traditional and straightforward design. 

paper snowflakes
Paper Snowflakes
  • Things You need
  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • A blue marker

How to Make Six-Pointed Paper Snowflake

  1. Grab a piece of paper and cut it in half – prefer dimensions of a paper 8.5 “x11”. 
  2. Take the first half and turn it into squares. For this purpose, you need to fold one corner down that you create an isosceles triangle. Pick scissors and trim excess paper area. 
  3. Now you have got a square-shaped paper, fold it diagonally, and create a triangle.
  4. Fold this big triangle in half to make a small triangle. 
  5. Take the marker and mark the middle area; now, you need to fold this small triangle in two-third.  Each part of this triangle is a 30-degree angle. Once you fold its first part over the second, the next step is to fold the third over the folded area.
  6. Make sure all of these folds are lined up perfectly as you need to make a symmetrical snowflake.
  7. It’s time to pick your scissor and then cut off the paper top with an angle. It would be best if you cut as per angles, so the paper’s remaining layers have equal angles. Keeping an angle is mind. Let you do the excellent cutting and get sharp points of your snowflake. However, if you don’t get sharp points, no worries as you are going to learn angle cutting with practice.
  8. As you have already seen so many snowflakes, it’s time to do cutting based on your imagination. Always do cutting away from the sides of a paper. An easy angle you can try is a triangle. From the side, you should create some small triangles. However, you can try other shapes as well.
  9. While cutting away from the side of the paper, you need to be extra careful. Please don’t cut it all away from one side to another. Otherwise, this mistake will trim your snowflake into half, wasting all your efforts.
  10. Some people use patterns to make their snowflakes; if it’s hard to make an angle inside your paper, you can use a template. However, it’s effortless to do without one. First, you need to cut the top edge and then add some spiky pattern around the middle and then make a star shape in the middle.

That’s it, you have made six pointed paper snowflakes. 

Important Note: 

You don’t need to follow a specific pattern; you can go with an angle you like. 

When it comes to selecting your paper, you can either go with fancy shades or plain white paper, which I always use to create a classic snowflake look. Colorful snowflakes look great, but the beauty of white snowflakes is matchless. What do you think?

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