Simple Chicken Coop Design

You can make chicken coop yourself with the basic materials. Doing so would be easy when you have some wooden materials available. The plan will help you to make one easily.

Chicken Coop Design

How to Make Simple Chicken Coop Design

This is a simple chicken coop build with the frames and wooden materials. All you have to do to make this nesting box is first make a frame using 4″x4″x6 posts. After that make a box that’s at least 10 inches long. Attach the wire to the bottom side and make the compartments. Use wooden to make dividers along with the supports within the chicken coop.

How to Make Simple Chicken Coop Design

Make a separate nesting box on one side. Attach the doors and attach the outside wire to complete the design. Complete the DIY chicken coop by adding the tin roof.