How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers


Nothing can look more adorable than flowers when it comes to doing your home decor. Today, In this post, you will learn to make tissue paper flowers. Making flowers at home is an exciting idea; your kids would love to join you in this craft adventure. Instead of buying fresh flowers for some money, create some inexpensive one at home. The best part of the paper flower tutorial is that it doesn’t require much time and effort; you can make many flowers in just one hour.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers

Things You’ll Need

  • 9 Sheets of Tissue Paper (buy one with the following dimensions 20 “x26” or 20 “x30”)
  • 9 Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • A decorative vase
  • Ribbon 
  • Scotch Tape
  • A Ruler

6 Easy Steps to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

  • Pick Colors and Stack Your Sheets

The first thing to do is to create a stack of three paper sheets. If you want to develop daisies, keep yellow in the middle and stack it with two white sheets. For valentine’s Day, you should go with pink, red or white colors. People who are in love with sunflowers can mix brown and yellow; tons of color choices are there to choose from. 

  • Start Folding

Once you keep different colors of the sheet on one another, the next step is to fold them. Take a ruler and measure one-inch on the sheet.  Place this stack on portrait style on a table in front of you. Take the bottom edge and fold in over for almost an inch, then flip it over and fold it back. Keep accordion style in your mind. Continue folding the whole paper stack. Once you are done with folding, you should see that this stack is turned into an accordion.

  • Set Pipe Cleaners

Please fold the paper stack in half to define the center; now, you need to wrap one point five inches of the pipe cleaner around it and twist it together. You are trying to create a stem of your follower here. Now take two other pipe cleaners and set them almost 7 inches apart from your middle cleaner and set them in the center’s opposite. If you position them on opposite sides, your flowers will be different from the center one; else, they will be identical. 

  • Cutting and Trimming

Now cut this paper stack into three equal parts so that a pipe cleaner step is present in the center of every section. If the pipe cleaner isn’t in the center of a paper stack, you can set it. The next thing is to cut the round edges of every three flowers. As your outer edge is longer, so you need to trim it more to get an even look.

  • Opening Your Flower

In this step, you will hold the pipe cleaner of every section and gently open up the flower accordion. First, you will pull the top layer straight up, then pull up the second layer toward the top layer and the bottom layer straight down.

Be careful while opening your flower. Keep patience because if you open it in a hurry, you might tear down the delicate paper.

  • Decoration

You can make nine flowers with a mean of 9 sheets. Gather all these nine flowers in a vase, set their stem. Wrap them with scotch tape and tie a ribbon. That’s it. You have made adorable tissue paper flowers at home in less than one hour. Isn’t it a fun deal?

Credit: KatieKay